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New Zeiss LSM 900 at the Bugnon campus availability

New Zeiss LSM 900 at the Bugnon campus availability

The new Zeiss LSM 900 confocal at the Bugnon campus is beeing progressively made available to the CIF users. People interested in getting an introduction on this machine should get in touch with Luigi Bozzo.

Worth knowing:

  • Being brand new, please note that we have still to get familiar with the specifities of this setup as well as iron out some of the inherent quircks.
  • If you are already trained on the other Zeiss confocals, there is no need to rush for access to this setup.
  • As always, please note that you cannot use the settings made on another system on this one, so make sure you do not disrupt your experimental protocol when switching to the LSM 900.
  • A full article on the system should be released soon (link here).

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