Rue du Bugnon 9, CH-1005, Lausanne, VD, Switzerland
+41 21 692 51 06 (Prof. J-Y. Chatton, Coordinator)
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Here is a list of all the services available at the CIF:


Access to the instruments

On-demand collaboration and help

  • Acquisitions can be done by the CIF Staff by the way of a service contract
  • Consulting and help designing an imaging experiment is offered to all our users. (ask your local manager)
  • Image Processing and Analysis workflows can be designed for specific projects using open-source tools like ImageJ, CellProfiler, Python or any combination of these tools. (ask for specific requests)

Online Processing

The CIF offers access to a deconvolution server to its registered users


  • Curated list of articles and online resources for learning
  • Downloads of course material, slides, and free software