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Instrument status




Instrument Status Remarks

Olympus Fluoview 3000

Nikon-Yokogawa Spinning Disk

Zeiss widefield fluorescence




Instrument Status Remarks

Zeiss LSM 900 confocal

Zeiss LSM 710 confocal

Zeiss LSM 780 confocal

Zeiss Axioscan.Z1 slide scanner

Nikon Spinning Disk

Nikon Stereomicroscope

Leica DMi8 Epifluorescence


Instrument Status Remarks
Zeiss LSM 880 Airyscan confocal [11.02.2021] New 405nm and 488nm laser lines. 
Zeiss LSM 710 confocal [06.08.2020] PMT2/Ch2 repaired – System fully functional.
Zeiss LSM 710 NLO confocal [02.02.2021] NDD detectors module replaced.
Zeiss LSM 700 confocal Caution with computer – old system. Laser line 555nm out of order/weak.
Leica SP8 FLIM confocal [08.09.2020] FLIM module out of order.
Leica Stellaris 5 Resonant Scanner confocal
Zeiss Axioscan.Z1 slide scanner
Nikon CSU W1 Spinning Disk [03.02.2021] System Upgraded with FRAP module.
Nikon Stereomicroscope
MMI Laser Microsdissection


Instrument Status Remarks
Zeiss LSM 800 confocal
P2 Lab – Zeiss LSM 800 confocal
Zeiss LSM 880 confocal New Argon Laser (12/2019)
Leica SP5 confocal
LaVision Ultramicroscope II
Arcturus LCM
Leica Stereomicroscope
Leica DMi8 Epifluorescence

Zeiss Upright Axiovision fluorescence microscope

Zeiss Upright Axiovision B fluorescence microscope
Zeiss inverted Axiovision time-lapse microscope