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Edito > 15.10.2019

Edito > 15.10.2019

The Cellular Imaging Facility (CIF) offers its services to all researchers from the FBM and the CHUV thanks to its three antennas at the Dorigny, Bugnon and Epalinges sites.

By the end of 2018, the CIF du Bugnon’s offer was completed by a new antenna in the Agora building, which will significantly increase the volume of activity of the CIF as a whole. A new collaborator was hired as technical manager in December 2018 with the main mission to supervise CIF Agora activities.

The CIF platform has become an operation that goes well beyond the idea we had at the time of its creation.

A few relevant numbers: during the year 2018, more than 319 researchers (100 groups) used the CIF totaling more than 20,000 hours of use of the resources of the facility.

Numerous training and teaching activities were provided by the CIF collaborators and reached an audience ranging from pre-graduate students (3rd year School of Biology) to post-graduate students / researchers. Investments were made during the year to optimize the technical capabilities of the instrument fleet and to renew certain facilities.

The CIF applies to ensure a constant technological watch, to evaluate the opportunity and the feasibility of introducing certain developments in imaging within the platform.

With the launch of activities in the Agora, the CIF will have to find a new balance and maintain the quality of its service to users.

Jean-Yves Chatton

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