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Please refer to the current COVID-19 guidelines

Reminder: log in using your UNIL credentials

Attention : the Zeiss LSM 710 confocal microscope is scheduled for decommission at the end of september 2021. Please make sure to finish your experiments while you still can and do not begin any new trials in the meantime.
This setup will be replaced by a new Leica Stellaris 8 confocal microscope, and you will not be able to port experiments or results from the Zeiss 710 to the new Leica Stellaris.

Attention ! Do not use the booking page outside of this website (by bookmarking it for example), you will miss important information and updates and you might end up with a broken link.

Reminder: local data management

We kindly remind you a few important points about the data generated on our instruments:

  • You are solely responsible for your data - back it up !
  • You should never store data on the system disk (e.g "C:\" drive, Desktop, My Documents, ...).
  • Instead, store your data on any relevant UNIL or CIF server, if possible (see next point).
  • If not possible or not advised for technical reasons, store your data temporarily on any local drive dedicated to this purpose (e.g. "D:\DATA").
  • Any data stored locally must be removed once the transfer to your own location.
  • Data stored locally is subject to be removed at any time by an administrator to restore functionality.

Following these simple guidelines allows everyone to work in the best conditions.

Thank you for your help !