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Remote Workstations: the new default model

Remote Workstations: the new default model

Why remote workstations ?

A couple of years ago we tried a new approach by offering access to remote workstations for your image processing needs.

This model became quickly successful to the point it became difficult to find free slots to use the machines.

One big advantage over local workstations, aside from the obvious comfort of remote working, was the guaranteed access to Imaris modules with one machine having a fixed, nodelocked, full Imaris license. That is a big difference with the floating license model. No more cursing because someone else got the Cell module before you !

The new offer

After careful consideration, we have decided to convert all our Imaris license pool with various modules floating between several machines on four different sites, into 4 full Imaris licenses.

To do so we completed our offer with two brand new workstations with powerful RTX 6000 ADA GPUs:

Each of these licenses have access to every modules Imaris offers. You book one of these machines, you get access to everything.

Of course, Imaris isn’t the only software available: QuPath, CellProfiler, Fiji, are all part of the default offering. Other programs can be installed on demand, if the request is justified.

To book a machine, head towards :

Remarks and questions?

For any question, ask Yannick Krempp at

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