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Bioimage Analysis

Introductory course given by Yannick KREMPP, Cellular Imaging Facility (CIF) – 2023

We are glad to announce that the course Bioimage Analysis : an overview of the tools and methods to process and analyze biological images is now open for registrations.

The course will be given online on UNIL’s Moodle platform.

To register, head towards the course page on Moodle at : Course: Bioimage analysis : an overview of the tools and methods to process and analyze biological images (

The registration key for self-enrollment on this course is : bioimage-2023 (please don’t share it)

The course schedule will be the following, with a new section avalable each week :


Date Course # Topic
01/03/2023 001 Find your way in the jungle
08/03/2023 002 ImageJ basics : your bioimage swiss army knife
15/03/2023 003 ImageJ advanced : extending your possibilities with Fiji
22/03/2023 004 ImageJ custom : building your own tools
29/03/2023 005 Designing a bioimage study from scratch with Fiji
05/04/2023 006 Ethics and image processing in life sciences : best practices
12/04/2023 007 [Optional] QuPath: dealing with extra-large images
19/04/2023 008 [Optional] CellProfiler : dealing with many images
26/04/2023 009 [Optional] Imaris: dealing with many extra-large stacks of images
  • Registration is free, but you will need an academic account to enter the page.
  • Course will be given in English
  • Registration will close on May 1st 2023
  • Course will be available on Moodle from March 1st until 30st of June 
  • Late registration is possible on demand by emailing at

Introduction to Fluorescence Imaging for the Analysis of Living Cells

Introductory course given by Professor Jean-Yves CHATTON, Cellular Imaging Facility (CIF) – 2023

Registration: register before January 13, 2023 via the link :

Admission to the course is free and open to anyone interested