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Author: Yannick Krempp

Remote Workstations: the new default model

Why remote workstations ? A couple of years ago we tried a new approach by offering access to remote workstations for your image processing needs. This model became quickly successful to the point it became difficult to find free slots to use the machines. One big advantage over local workstations, aside from the obvious comfort…
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New Super Resolution Microscope at CIF Agora

We are happy to announce the recent installation of the Zeiss Elyra 7 Lattice SIM² microscope at CIF, and it is now available for users. The Zeiss Elyra 7 Lattice SIM² Microscope is a versatile instrument offering various advantageous imaging modalities: Additional features: If you are interested in using this system, please request a pilot…
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“”: a new ticketing system available at the CIF

A single entry point In order to facilitate the communication between the users and the managers of the platform, we have set up a unique contact address: If you have already written to or, this new ticketing system based on OTOBO will be very familiar to you. Otherwise, simply think of it…
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Nikon Microscope Solutions Roadshow – NSPARC and DeepSIM

Roadshow presentation Nikon is presenting their new super-resolution and structured illumination systems.Any CIF user interested is welcome to assist to this day of presentation at the Starling Hotel Lausanne, Thursday April 20th. Full details on the flyer: Additional Workshop (2h on the system): Date :    Friday 21st & Monday 24th April Place :   AGORA, Rue du Bugnon…
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Bioimage Analysis course registration opens

We are glad to announce that the course Bioimage Analysis : an overview of the tools and methods to process and analyze biological images is now open for registrations. The course will be given online on UNIL’s Moodle platform. To register, head towards the course page on Moodle at : Course: Bioimage analysis : an…
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[Dorigny] LSM 880 out of order

The Zeiss LSM 880 confocal microscope at the Genopode, Dorigny, is currently out of order. The Zeiss technician has been notified and we will schedule a repair as soon as possible, in principle during next week. At the moment, it appears that the RTC has to be replaced if it can’t be restarted again. However,…
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Course – Introduction to fluorescence imaging for the analysis of living cells – by Prof. JY. Chatton

Registration: register before January 13, 2023 via the link : Admission to the course is free and open to anyone interested

Imaris Smart Lunch Virtual Week Event

We’d like to invite you to the upcoming Imaris Smart Lunches Virtual Week event – 18st to 20th of October 2022, co-organized with the CIF, some other imaging facilities and the Imaris team. This new virtual event is composed of: An on demand video with table of contents for easy streaming navigation that you can…
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Leica Stellaris 8 available for training

The new Leica Stellaris 8 at the Bugnon campus is now available for any CIF users. Among the advancements offered by this system, you will find three key features : Confocal imaging range from DAPI (UV) to CY7 (deep-red) Fast deconvolution with the Lightning system Navigator mode allowing to easily create mosaics and setup multiple…
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