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Please take note of the following

In order to ensure that every user gets a fair access to the systems, we strongly encourage users to respect the rule of no more than 3 hours per day on confocal microscopes.

If for some reason your experiments require longer acquisition sessions, you are requested to contact the CIF technical managers to find a solution.

General recommendations on bookings

[wp-svg-icons icon=”arrow-right-3″ wrap=”i”] When possible, try to distribute the acquisition sessions over several days or weeks instead of booking an entire afternoon.
[wp-svg-icons icon=”arrow-right-3″ wrap=”i”] Do not book for your whole research group under a single username. Let each lab member book his/her own slots for clarity.

Go to the bookings pages

Reminder: local data management

We kindly remind you a few important points about the data generated on our instruments:

  • You are solely responsible for your data - back it up !
  • You should never store data on the system disk (e.g "C:\" drive, Desktop, My Documents, ...).
  • Instead, store your data on any relevant UNIL or CIF server, if possible (see next point).
  • If not possible or not advised for technical reasons, store your data temporarily on any local drive dedicated to this purpose (e.g. "D:\DATA").
  • Any data stored locally must be removed once the transfer to your own location.
  • Data stored locally is subject to be removed at any time by an administrator to restore functionality.

Following these simple guidelines allows everyone to work in the best conditions.

Thank you for your help !