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New Super Resolution Microscope at CIF Agora

New Super Resolution Microscope at CIF Agora

We are happy to announce the recent installation of the Zeiss Elyra 7 Lattice SIM² microscope at CIF, and it is now available for users.

The Zeiss Elyra 7 Lattice SIM² Microscope is a versatile instrument offering various advantageous imaging modalities:

  1. Lattice SIM2: Fast and gentle super-resolution imaging, achieving a resolution of up to 60nm in LIVE! (200nm in Z).
  2. Single Molecule Localisation Microscopy: Hard-core super-resolution modality. Compatible with PALM, STORM, PAINT approaches. Providing a resolution of up to 10-20nm.
  3. SIM2 Apotome: Fast optical sectioning. Possible alternative to 3D imaging with confocal systems.

Additional features:

  • Fully equipped for stable live cell imaging.
  • Two sCMOS cameras connected by DuoLink for simultaneous two-color imaging.

If you are interested in using this system, please request a pilot test or training from Luigi Bozzo at .

For detailed characteristics of this setup, please refer to the dedicated spec page (

This instrument was acquired with the support of an SNF R’EQUIP grant and FBM funds awarded to Dr. Wolf, Prof. Coukos, Prof. Romero, Prof. Arber, Prof. Bagni, Prof. Chatton, Prof. Petrova, Prof. Broz; (Prof. Widmann, Prof. Paolicelli).

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