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Leica Stellaris 8 available for training

Leica Stellaris 8 available for training

The new Leica Stellaris 8 at the Bugnon campus is now available for any CIF users.

Among the advancements offered by this system, you will find three key features :

  • Confocal imaging range from DAPI (UV) to CY7 (deep-red)
5 channels from UV to Deep Red
  • Fast deconvolution with the Lightning system
Without Lightning
With Lighnting
  • Navigator mode allowing to easily create mosaics and setup multiple ROIs from a whole slide overview for increased productivity
5 channels mosaic

This setup is also equipped for light incubation and time-lapse recordings of live cells.

For a detailed characteristics of this setup, please head to the dedicated spec page :

Bugnon Instruments – Cellular Imaging Facility (

If you are interested in using this setup, please request a training to Luigi Bozzo at

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