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[Bugnon] Nikon Spinning disk post CrEST V3 update

[Bugnon] Nikon Spinning disk post CrEST V3 update

After having tested the setup since the upgrade to the CrEST V3 spinning disk module we have found some issues. Some of them have already been fixed, but others remain:

Fixed The DMD module is fully functional for FRAP experiments.
The Prime 95 25mm camera is now correctly calibrated.
Not fixed The Cy7.5 channel is not functional. Some filters are missing and they have been ordered.
The Prime 95 25mm camera’s F-mount has to be replaced to get a tighter attachment to the V3 module.
Under surveillance The channel colors seem to change randomly. Their setting has been changed to manual, and we have the check if the issue is still present.

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