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Category: Workshops

Live Cell Imaging [Florence Morgenthaler, Luigi Bozzo, 2019]

Critical steps and applications for live cell imaging in widefield & spinning disk confocal microscopy

F-Techniques [Luigi Bozzo, 2019]

Slides of the presentation given by Luigi Bozzo on the various advanced F-Techniques : FRAP, FCS, FRET, FLIM, principle and application.

Using HRM for batch deconvolution [2019, Yannick KREMPP]

Slides of the presentation given by Yannick Krempp on how to use the Huygens remote manager implemented at the CIF to do batch deconvolution.

Deconvolution [2019, Arnaud Paradis]

Slides from the CIF workshop given by Arnaud Paradis on Deconvolution