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How to connect to CIFDATA$

HISTORY Several months ago, a new dedicated share, CIFDATA, was set up on the high-performance part of the UNIL server, NASDCSR. As CIF users, you can have access to this share as temporary storage space, before transferring your data to its final destination. Attention, we insist on the “temporary” aspect of this storage because its…
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ATHENA File Server storage policy

Purpose The ATHENA file server is built to be a temporary repository for your files acquired with our instruments. Its main purpose is to facilitate the transfer between acquisition devices, analysis and processing workstations, and the user’s own final storage destination whether its a remote share, a mobile hard drive or any other means. Security…
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Data storage solutions

File storage While every scientist has its own way of working with data depending on their affiliation, knowledge and established group protocols, there always comes a time where they are stuck and need to figure out a new way of handling their data. Here are a few options depending on the level of your needs…
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