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Billing – General information

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Billing – General information

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The billing process

  • The CIF collects all the booking information for each users.
  • The CIF sends the list of every services each trimester to the service de facturation.
  • The CIF is not in charge of producing the actual invoice. It is the FBM’s service de facturation that is in charge of printing and sending the invoice to the users.
  • Charges are calculated based on booking times, PI origin, .
  • Special services, like those defined in service contracts will be charged separately from the instrument bookings. They will still be managed by the FBM’s facturation service.

Excerpt of the CIF rules and guidelines

  1. Billing
    3.1. The listing of fees for CIF imaging resources are communicated by the CIF staff (*).
    3.2. In the case of a documented failure of a resource or setup during a session, the corresponding hours of reservation will not be billed.
    3.3. The use of resources during an initial training as well as the training itself will not be billed.
    3.4. In all other cases, including in case of unsuccessful experiments performed using CIF resources, the hours of reservation will be billed.
    3.5. The income will contribute to the setup maintenance and service expenses.
    3.6. These fees will be kept reasonable. They are not intended to render the CIF investments profitable, but rather to ensure that time slots reserved on the instruments are used.
    3.7. The fees for the users from private industries or external institutions will be multiplied by 10 in comparison to the fees for the Biology and Medicine Faculty and the “Hospices cantonaux”.
    3.8. The invoice related to the use of the setups will be sent to the principal investigators or to the financial manager of the respective groups.
    3.9. The CIF coordinator is entitled to block the access to the CIF to any group in case of a non-payment of invoices for CIF resource usage.

(*) See section below for the contact address for this specific question

These rules and guidelines have been approved by the FBM Deanship on 21 October 2013. They may be updated from time to time and users should refer to the last published version available on the CIF website.
Lausanne, June 1st 2004 – (updated June 2018).

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