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Booking Policies

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Excerpt from the CIF usage and guidelines


2.1. Booking of setups is made online using a webpage calendar. Each user has to type its own login and password to access this page. This record log will then be used for billing (see part 3).

2.2. Any use of the setups must be booked in advance. In case of extension of the period of work, it is mandatory to place a reservation before the new time slot is initiated.

2.3. When booking more than two setups during more than 4 hours a week, a preliminary discussion with the CIF coordinator or his substitute is required.

2.4. When booking workstations (computers), the users will have to mention the name of the software’s that will be used under “description”, because some software packages are available with a limited number of licenses.

2.5. The users who cannot use a station that they have booked will have to cancel the reservation at least 24h in advance by sending an E-mail (or by calling) the CIF collaborators. A reservation that is not timely canceled will be billed.

2.6. For technical or planning reasons, the CIF might potentially move or cancel the reservation of a user, after having announced it to the above mentioned user.

2.7. The CIF coordinator or its substitute will decide after an initial discussion about the imaging project with the user, which microscopy setup will have to be used. He will also estimate the duration needed for using of the setups.

2.8. In principle, all users have the same priorities for the reservations. In case of facility overload, a priority will be given to the users from the institutions that have financed the CIF, i.e. from the Fundamental and Clinical Sciences sections of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine.

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