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HRM: access your files from a mapped network drive


You can now access your files (read only) directly from Windows or Mac OS by accessing the shared folder:


From the Windows Explorer view, with “This PC” selected, choose “Map Network Drive

Fill in the forms using the following credentials. Make sure to type it correctly, but you can choose whatever drive letter is available.

Use “cif-dec-svr\cif” as user name, and “cif” as password

You can now access your user folder and browse both source (src) and destination (dst) folders

Mac OS

From the desktop menu (Finder in focus), choose “Go To“, and “Connect to Server

Fill in the fields like on the screenshot : smb://cif-dec-svr/

Connect to continue

Select registered user and use “cif-dec-svr\cif” as user name, and “cif” as password

You can now browse your files