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Authorship, acknowledgements, and citing.

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Authorship, acknowledgements, and citing.

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It is custom to cite the CIF platform in the acknowledgements if you have used the instruments for your research. See the rules and guidelines below for detailed instructions.

Excerpt form the CIF rules and guidelines

  1. Authorship rights and publications
    6.1. The CIF will not be responsible for the scientific, biological, or technical validity of the results. The users who will be allowed to work autonomously on the CIF set-ups after an initial training are strongly encouraged to contact the CIF staff for any question, or for discussing potential improvements in their data acquisition.
    6.2. As the use of the CIF resources by the users is done in an independent manner and billed based on time-slots, the scientific papers do not need to mention the name of the CIF staff as co-author.
    6.3. The CIF staff could nevertheless appear as co-author on scientific publication, in agreement with the principal investigator, if its contribution is considered as decisive.
    6.4. The CIF will be mentioned in the acknowledgements or in the methods of all publications. Moreover, the publication will be forwarded to the CIF staff for the establishment of their annual report.

These rules and guidelines have been approved by the FBM Deanship on 21 October 2013. They may be updated from time to time and users should refer to the last published version available on the CIF website.
Lausanne, June 1st 2004 – (updated June 2018)

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