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COVID-19 Rules and Guidelines

*** Special COVID-19 guidelines – Read carefully ***

Update 30.06.2020

  • Accommodations have been made in order to comply with the safety requirements on all sites, and most of the setups are now available for booking and use.
  • Refer to the detailed maps on the booking pages for more info on where masks are absolutely required.
  • Social distancing is still the norm and wearing a mask is required in most if not all departments and labs. Make sure to bring one, or use the ones available at your disposal on site in individual sleeves.
  • Please also refer to the access rules below that are still valid to date.

Access Rules [Updated 30.06.2020]

  1. The presence on the CIF platform is prohibited to any user presenting Covid-19 symptoms or having been in contact with contaminated people during the last 14 days.
  2. Only those users who have been granted authorization to access their own labs from at FBM may place reservations for imaging resources of CIF.
  3. Booking of CIF resources is absolutely mandatory — No exception will be tolerated.
  4. To enable keeping social distancing (> 2m), the CIF must limit access to certain resources (microscopes, workstations) to ensure that only one person per room be present. Accordingly, we reorganized resource reservations and access by local / box. The accessibility of systems can be found on the CIF booking page
  5. Training on image acquisition systems will no longer be provided face-to-face until further notice. Training on image processing software can be organized via TeamViewer.
  6. If an intervention by the platform staff is necessary, the user will have to leave the room to allow access for the CIF staff. As a priority, remote assistance (telephone, Teamviewer) will be offered.
  7. Access to CIF will be from 9:00 until 17:00 to allow systems to be decontaminated by CIF staff. No access to the platform will be allowed on weekends and evenings. [See Update 15.05.2020 on top of this page]
  8. Each user will have to apply the detailed disinfection procedure using the provided disinfection material.
  9. The CIF encourages the use of protection masks and will try to provide masks to users who did not bring their own (as soon as our order is delivered).

Previous rules (Obsolete)